Concrete tile 3D | MOVEMENT

  • 3D concrete tile | FLOAT
  • 3D concrete tile | FLOAT
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  • 3D concrete tile | FLOAT
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  • 3D concrete tile | FLOAT

Concrete tile 3D | MOVEMENT

The mystical MOVEMENT of the geometric dunes. 

This concrete tile embodies a striking and dynamic design, characterized by its curvaceous and edgy aesthetics. Drawing inspiration from the undulating shapes of sand dunes, this tile captures the essence of motion and form found in desert landscapes. Its abstract portrayal of movement artfully translates the intricate interplay of natural forces and organic contours present in these arid terrains. The primary objective is to craft an environment that exudes tranquility, taking cues from nature's organic forms, providing a soothing counterbalance to the rapid pace of modern life.

This design exploits the inherent elegance of its flowing curves against a steadfast apex, creating a play of depths that accentuates its three-dimensional experience. By virtue of this dynamic, it offers a diverse range of configurations through rotation, giving rise to an array of geometric patterns. Whether applied in a comprehensive arrangement or strategically placed, this tile adapts seamlessly to any space. Its application on a wall offers the flexibility of both complete coverage or selective placement.

Moreover, when bathed in the presence of light, this architectural element transforms into a mesmerizing kaleidoscope of reflections, casting an enchanting aura. This interplay between light and form bestows an almost magical ambiance upon the architectural space, inviting occupants to experience an immersive visual journey. Concrete that plays with light.

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3D concrete tiles 

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Concrete is one of the most influential, flexible and dynamic materials in modern architecture. The natural imperfect texture of its surface radiates a calming and organic feel to contemporary spaces and creates a unique atmosphere with a element of emotion.

What makes our tiles so special is their ability to use light and shadow to create a three-dimensional effect. As light hits the surface of the tiles, the shadows they create give the impression that the wall is moving and changing - seemingly coming alive. This creates an almost hypnotic effect that is sure to mesmerize anyone who sees it. Each tile is carefully crafted to create unique patterns and textures elevating your living space.



Our concrete tiles are coloured with natural iron oxide pigments and integrates well with surrounding elements while blending in with nature. Our tiles have consistent colouring throughout the entire product, the iron oxide is added during the production phase when blending all the raw materials, these oxides are UV stable and will not fade over time. Note: Due to technical reasons digital/printed colours may differ from the actual natural shade. Custom colours can be produced upon request at an additional charge.


Concrete tile colours



The tiles are sprayed with a high-quality Duco coating giving the tiles a sleek look and is spectacular for accents.


Concrete colours metallic



The FORG3D range are produced with a well mastered manufacturing process that combines intelligent technologies with the finishing touch of human hands. This wonder material is made from Ultra high-performance concrete [UHPC] using a unique formula made up from minerals provided by nature.

Suitable for interior and exterior walls, our concrete are sealed with a engineered high-performance silicone penetrating sealer which makes it perfect for all weather conditions.



Tile can be rotated into many different tesselations forming complex geometric patterns. Can be tiled entirely or partially depending on the space.

3d wall tiles concrete accent wallsmodern-wall-tiles-concrete-geometric-design 



Our concrete is designed to be better for the environment and your budget while also improving the performance characteristics of our product. The concrete mixture uses a high percentage of recycled materials.

Currently around 38% of our product consists of recycled material and waste by-products. The biggest impetus for continuous development is the demand to create more than just sustainable concrete products in order to make an active contribution to the energy revolution. As an industry we always need to embrace innovation to create a stronger product and reduce our impact on the environment. It’s the right thing to do and it makes sense, that’s the type of logic that drives our industry.


INSTALLATION can be done by any qualified tiling professional.

Download our Installation guide for more information.

CLEANING /// Avoid leaving dirty spots on the tiles during installation. Wash immediately and thoroughly with water to remove any residue or adhesive. Avoid using any harsh chemicals or abrasive products as this could damage the sealers used on the tiles. For cleaning always use soft fabrics with water.


The MOVEMENT tile is sold per m2

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