Concrete wall panel | KONKRETE square

  • Concrete wall panel | KONKRETE square
  • Concrete wall panel | KONKRETE square
  • Concrete wall panel | KONKRETE square
  • Concrete wall panel | KONKRETE square
  • Concrete wall panel | KONKRETE square
  • Concrete wall panel | KONKRETE square
  • Concrete wall panel | KONKRETE square

Concrete wall panel | KONKRETE square

Authentic concrete surfaces handmade from nature's elements in the form of a thin high-performance panel designed for modern and contemporary architecture.

Handcrafted from lightweight concrete suitable for interior and exterior walls. A innovative and economical product designed to imitate traditional off-shutter casted concrete with many benefits. This 900x900mm panel is designed with 4 anchor holes for easy and secure fastening to wall. Our environmentally friendly panels add a unique ambiance and atmosphere to any architectural space. These precast panels can be used on new and remodelling projects. Available in four shades of grey and two earthy colours. These concrete panels can be used in retail, commercial and residential spaces.



☑️ Removes the risk of in-situ casting

☑️ Cost effective vs in-situ casting

☑️ Easy to install

☑️ CrystalX waterproofing technology

☑️ Can be installed on any solid surface

Lightweight Concrete Panels // Handmade from Ultra high-performance concrete [UHPC]. The Konkrete4 panel has four anchor holes and is designed for walls.

Concrete complexion 

Concrete Grey /Smoke /Gunmetal /Coral /Sand Dollar /Desert Dune

*Please note this is an indication only, complexion might vary slightly due to various factors like humidity, temperature and curing times. It is a natural handmade product.



Sizes available:

900x900 // Thickness 14mm


For more info see our catalogue and basic installation guide in the downloads tab.


FLOAT panels are produced with a well mastered manufacturing process that combines intelligent technologies with the finishing touch of human hands.

Our glassfibre reinforced concrete mainly consists of various aggregates and cement. Glassfibres, colour pigments and concrete additives make up around 10% of the mix design. This combination makes our panels extremely robust, durable and slim in thickness while still being able to withstand significant pressure. FLOAT panels also meet the requirements of fire protection class A1 “non-combustible“ and is environmentally neutral as no additional treatment or chemical coatings are necessary for fire protection.


The panel surface is not always uniform in complexion. Any cloudy or slightly spotty surface shouldn't be considered as a defect. Due to the randomized surface, any bulges, hollows and texture are considered as core characteristics of the product. We use innovative self-healing waterproofing technology that prevents hairline cracks on the surface.

We produce solution-orientated and environmentally friendly concrete panels designed to imitate traditional off-shutter casted concrete. Inspired by the growing need to be more economical without compromising aesthetics and quality our product has become a great choice for architects and designers. Contractors are amazed with this product as it saves significant time during construction due to the ease of installation and no curing time involved.


Our lightweight concrete panels are produced with leading edge CrystalX waterproofing technology. The concrete has self-healing properties when in contact with moisture/water, this makes our product perfect for any weather conditions and application. CrystalX technology forms a waterproofing barrier in the pores and seals the concrete when in contact with moisture.


Our green concrete is designed to be better for the environment and your budget while also improving the performance characteristics of our product. The concrete mixture uses a high percentage of recycled materials. Currently around 38% of our product consists of recycled material and waste by-products.


Shipping rates vary depending on quantities and the desired destination. Contact us with your requirements to obtain up to date shipping rates.



  • Available in 5 standard colours, special tint can be done on request at an additional cost.
  • Konkrete9 is sold per panel.
  • Suitable for interior and exterior areas, our CrystalX self-healing technology makes it perfect for all weather conditions.
  • Installation can be done by any qualified tiling professional, we have a detailed guide available.


For pricing and questions get in touch with us by using the form on our contact page or send us a mail to